Issue Two: The Tactile Relationship

Umber Magazine is the Official Media Partner of 2018 San Francisco Design Week

Join us Saturday June 9th at Red Bay Coffee Headquarters for the release party of Issue Two: “The Tactile Relationship.” Be immersed in the unique visual experience of Umber while we and ponder, “Where is print media from the viewpoint of Black and Brown people, and what is its relationship to the Bay Area’s design landscape?”

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 Issue One –  Drowning: Vulnerability

Issue One – Drowning: Vulnerability

The best stories, the ones that really stick with you, always start with a captivating visual. Images that are so striking that they simply can't be denied. They seduce you and draw you in. Then there are the words, the thoughts laid bare on the page. Provocative yet relatable. It’s an inception of sorts, let's call it deep design. And if you recognize yourself in it, then we’ve done our job. 

Hello world. This is Umber

Umber Magazine is inspired by many creative disciplines and design movements, plus we've studied printed media for over 20 years. We can honestly say the tactile experience of holding Umber is like nothing else before. 

This all would not have been possible without successfully exceeded our $10,000 Kickstarter campaign goal! See video below, produced by Aaron Miller.


Umber Magazine, "the creative thinker's graphic journal" engages in visual dialogue with people of nuanced culture.

Focusing on creative culture, design, visual arts, forward-thinking ideas and the beauty of randomness, Umber Magazine highlights the world through a unique lens – by recognizing the beautiful space between the obvious. Umber is bi-annual printed publication that provides a space for creative thinkers and doers to engage; cataloging our unique perspectives, nuanced world views and visual ideas. 

Umber Magazine is sold in select bookstores, magazine shops and museums. You can also purchase it online.

 Mike Nicholls, Founder & Creative Director  Photo: Jenny Zhou

Mike Nicholls, Founder & Creative Director
Photo: Jenny Zhou

 Monika Jo, Interim Publisher

Monika Jo, Interim Publisher

 Shah Noor, Editor

Shah Noor, Editor