Issue Two: The Tactile Relationship

What happens when people or things that were once separate become close and eventually connected? They touch; they engage; they converse; they create. What energy is exchanged?  What happens to the space that was once between them? 

In our sophomore Issue Two, we wanted to take a different approach to this conversation. Not just the romantic or the emotional, but the ethereal, misunderstood and weird aspects of relationships. In this issue, we curated 15+ contributors to give introspective conversations on the tactile aspects of relationships.

Nominated for Stack Magazines’ 2018 STACK AWARD, BEST USE OF ILLUSTRATION.

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Creative Nuance is the space that exist when imaginative people engage in the world around them.

Hello world. This is Umber

The concept of Umber came about from the lack of representation of distinctive creatives in high concept, theme-driven printed publications. Umber Magazine was conceived in 2006, prototyped in 2012 and officially launched in 2017 via a successful Kickstarter campaign. See video below, produced by Aaron Miller.


Umber Magazine is “the creative thinker’s graphic journal.” An Oakland CA-based printed publication that focuses on creative culture and visual arts; exhibiting distinctive perspectives and nuanced world views. Printed two times a year, Umber’s contributors and content are curated around a unique theme for each issue.

Umber Magazine is sold in select bookstores, magazine shops and museums. You can also purchase it online.

Umber is also the official media sponsor of 2018 San Francisco Design Week.

 Mike Nicholls, Founder & Creative Director  Photo: Jenny Zhou

Mike Nicholls, Founder & Creative Director
Photo: Jenny Zhou

 Monika Jo, Strategic Partnerships

Monika Jo, Strategic Partnerships

 Shah Noor, Editor

Shah Noor, Editor