Photography by Michole Forks.

Photography by Michole Forks.

Christian’s music stretches across genres conjuring up sounds that resonate on trance-like levels. On his new album “Ancestral recall,” Christian is creating vibrational currency with African rhythms, Brass and Sonic Archi-texture.

We got a chance to see Christian perform, with his amazing band, at Yoshi’s Oakland. It was a visceral experience filled with empathetic horns flickering of gold and brass. All the while, leaving space for melodic harmonies, polyrhythmic loops and a staggering djembe performance. Before the show we got chance to sit down with the visionary himself, check out our interview with Chief Adjuah.

This interview have been edited for brevity, contains explicit language.

Music is just a conduit to help you navigate whatever you are going through...
— Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah

By Design

Christian has been designing is own line of trumpets for the past 20 years, pictured here the “Adjuah Trumpet.”


Listen to the title track from his new album “Ancestral Recall.”

Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah (born March 31, 1983, in New Orleans, Louisiana) is a two-time Edison Award winning and Grammy Award nominated trumpeter, composer and producer. To learn about Christian visit or check out his music at

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